I am a former professional dancer who went back to school to be trained as a musicaltheatre actress & have supported myself as an actress, singer & choreographer for over a good decade before I started at the Bachelors programme in Interior architecture & furnituredesign at Konstfack, Sweden 2020. The body & the room, the body in the room, body against body, that is something that has interested me through out these paths in life & something I constantly continue to explore. How do all these different kind of bodies & forms communicate with each other, architectural bodies contra the human body? What disturbs or invites these conversations? Walls, politics, history, angles, heritage, norms, thresholds, beliefs & expectations? Everything is connected, everything creates an echo & a resonance.

I am passionate about creating, portraying, discuss & affecting. I am a storyteller, something I ́ve got from my stage work & that I feel is a strength & a nice aid in life as well as in this industry. In my opinion, architecture & design influences & talks/narrates, to the highest degree & I explore & learn to use that language. My work is often combined with questions around environmental issues, feminism, gender equality & equality. These are subjects that I ́m really passionate about & that I think is very important for us to bring with us in the back of our mind while working with design. In my practice I am questioning norms in design. For whom is it? & what does that tell us? How can we communicate with materials? We as designers can change peoples everyday choreography, if we want to. Then it is crusally important that we also need to understand what that specific choreography say & does.